Dissecting the White Matter Tracts:
Interactive Diffusion Tensor Imaging Teaching Atlas
T Hutchins, HC Herrod, E Quigley, J Anderson, K Salzman
University of Utah Department of Neuroradiology
Major White Matter Tracts
Brain Stem
Projection Fibers
Association Fibers
Commissural Fibers
DTI Atlas
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  Welcome to our interactive tool for learning  
  the anatomy of the white matter tracts, as  
  seen on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)  
  Use the arrows to navigate the tutorial.  
  Alternatively, the terms on the left of the  
  screen can be clicked to revisit any of the  
  For each major tract, multiplanar DTI images  
  are presented with brief descriptions of:  
  1. What they connect  
  2. Their major function(s)  
  3. Clinical relevance  
  An atlas of axial images is provided at the end  
  and can be visited any time for educational  
  or clinical reference.  
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